Mastering the Trade 3rd Edition Giúp Giải Đáp Mọi Thắc Mắc Của Pro Trader


Đây là quyển sách dành cho pro Trader giúp đưa ra quyết định chuẩn xác trong mọi tình huống.

Phần mở đầu, sách chỉ ra các nguyên tắc hoạt động của thị trường như điều gì làm thị trường chuyển động và tâm lý 101 trong đầu tư, cách thức chuẩn bị tinh thần cho các hoạt động giao dịch và đầu tư.

Phần thứ hai sẽ hướng dẫn cách chuẩn bị giao dịch tuỳ vào từng loại thị trường tài chính khác nhau sẽ có những đặc điểm khác nhau: Stock, Futures, Options, Cryptocurrrency...

Các đặc điểm của thị trường như Open Gap, Pivot Point, Tick Fade, Revert Back to the means...

Sách là tập hợp các câu hỏi giải đáp mọi thắc mắc của Trader về thị trường. Tham khảo mục lục bên dưới.

Đặt in Mastering the Trade 3rd tại HoaXanh >>

What Really Causes the Markets to Move?

Did You Know That Most People Who Lose Money in the Markets Do So Because of These Four


How Do Our Odds for Success Increase Once We Understand the Pain and Suffering of Individual

Market Participants?

The Case Study You’ll Never Read About at Harvard Business School, or, Has This Ever Happened to

You or Your Spouse?

A Note from My Wife: How Have I Dealt with Being Married to John Carter the Trader?

How Do I Top That?

What Is the Only Economic Principle That Matters in the Markets?

Psychology 101: What Didn’t They Teach About Trading and Investing in School?

Emotions Are Fine at Weddings and Funerals; Why Aren’t They Fine When It Comes to Trading and


Why Is a Guy with a System Always Welcome in a Casino?

What Is the Right Mental Outlook for the Markets, and Why Shouldn’t I Turn On My Computer

Without It?

Minnesota Stupid

Why Do Most Traders Have to Blow Out an Account Before It All Sinks In?

The Trader Mind-Set: What Is the Best Way for Getting, and Keeping, Your Head in the Game?

What Is the Easiest Way to Establish a Consistently Winning Outlook?

What Does Personal Integrity Have to Do with Successful Trading?

Where Are You Now in Your Trading Journey?

Phase I Trading: Destined to Lose—What Are the Traits That Make People a Success in Life but

Routinely Get Them Killed in the Markets?

Phase II Trading: Fear-Based Trading or “Why Does Everything I Touch Turn to Crap?”

Phase III Trading: Why Is the Search for the Holy Grail Guaranteed to Limit Your Success as a Trader

and an Investor?

What Are the Signs That a Trader Is Stuck in Phase I, II, or III?

Paper Trading—Why Is It More Worthless Than an Iraqi Dinar?

But What About Phase IV—How Does a Person Learn How Not to Lose Money?

Why Does the Plateau Money Management Method Work?

When Trading and Investing, What Are the Best Ideas to Keep in Mind?

Other Books I’ve Found Useful for Getting My Trading Mind-Set Right

Is There Rhyme or Reason to How the Markets Move?

The Markets Are Moving—Are You Fighting the Tide or Flowing with It?

How Do the Markets Naturally Move?

Thrusts and Reactions Morph Into Patterns

How to Establish Priorities: If You Are Getting Interrupted During the First Two Hours of Trading,

Why Is It Your Fault?

Why Is Watching Harry Potter on DVD After 12:00 EST Better Than Watching CNBC?

Now That I Understand the Markets—What Do I Trade?

Tell Me Straight—What Markets Will Give Me the Best Chance of Success?

What Would You Pay for a First-Class Plane Ticket to Singapore?

Why Wouldn’t I Buy These Particular Options with My Mother-in-Law’s Trading Account?

Directional Plays: Why Is Delta 0.70 or Better Superior?

The Importance of Implied Volatility Crush, or “Look, Ma, They’re Panicking!”

How Do You Know When to Hold ’Em and When to Spread ’Em?

The Stock Market Is Now Open—What Tools Best Predict the Market’s Next Move?

Musicians Know How to Read Music; Can Traders Learn How to Read the Markets?

Great, Now How Do I Learn to Read the Internals?

What Is the Fastest Heads-Up That Stocks Are About to Make a Move?

What Is the Best Tool for Reading Buying Versus Selling Pressure?

Is There a Similar Tool Just for Nasdaq Stocks?

Put/Call Ratio—Is This the Key to the Kingdom?

What Is the Most Effective Way to See What’s Really Going on in the Stock Market During the Day?

How Do You Know When It’s Going to Be a Choppy Day?

Putting It All Together—How Can You Size Up the Trading Day from the Opening Bell?

What Are the Other Main Things to Keep Track Of?

And, Oh Yes, Did You Know That If You Ignore This One Thing, You Don’t Stand a Chance?

Summing Up

A Beginner’s Journey by Danielle Shay Gum

And So, It Began

A New Idea

Fast-Forward Five Years

My Trading Persona

The Beginning of a New Life

What Goes Up, Must Come Down—or Must It?

If Only It Was Sunshine and Roses from There

Big Changes

Lessons from the Masters

Key Advice on the Path to Consistency

In Conclusion



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