Using Charting and Technical Analysis to make $5K to $50K using charting with zero Trading Experience Required.


  • Understand Trends and Breakouk
  • Four type indicators need to know
  • Continual Patterns
  • Reversal Patterns
  • Candlestick Patterns
  • Avoid Traps
  • Trading Psychology

  • Technical analysis simply means analyzing charts or using some other form of data in the order of wagering on which way a certain stock or commodity might go next. It is an alternative to fundamental analysis, which focuses on the market’s economic factors such as income, interest rates, general economic activity, and stock price movements.

    In trading, we can make use of technical analysis techniques as well as fundamental analysis methodologies. It may be helpful if you know the basics of technical analysis principles such as price trend, support and resistance levels, averages, and moving averages. These will help you filter out stocks that are likely to move in conjunction with the other market conditions at a point in time.

    When making trades, you should also consider your investment strategy so that you can determine which market factors affect your trade best.

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