Profiting in Bull or Bear Markets


Tips for trading stocks, bonds, commodities and other assets. Timing techniques to maximize returns while minimizing risk. Seasonal strategies for stock and bond selection.

Profiting in Bull or Bear Markets is break-through work. This book is an important contribution to the vast body of financial literature. It is a valuable resource for the professional financial manager and amateur investor alike. Business and financial cycles have been explained before, but never from the practical viewpoint and unique perspective that Dr. Dagnino brings to the party. He is a master market weaver. This work spins complex market elements into an easy-to-understand market whole.

As an investor, trader, or consumer, you should care how business and financial cycles affect you, and what actions you can take within this framework to positively change your economic life for the better. You should constantly question whether your spending, savings and investment patterns are in sync, or in conflict with the business and financial cycles. Only by understanding the cause and effect relationships in each phase of these cycles can you make profitable financial decisions within your own level of risk tolerance.

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