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 A Trader’s Guide to Financial Astrology, Forecasting Market Cycles Using Planetary and Lunar Movements. This book will give you a solid foundation on how astrology and its cycles apply to infect all markets, it will give you a basic foundation to start applying astrology to your own trading, whichever market you happen to favor. The back‐testing went back many decades, so it is certainly statistically accurate.

Most of us know that there are 12 astrological Sun signs. Professional astrologers go much deeper because there are more factors to consider than just the Sun. Astrologers work with the planets, their aspects, houses, and so on.

This book discuss the planetary cycles, as well as those of the solar and lunar orbs and their functions and influences. They then pull it together for you to glean a full understanding about using the synthesis of these components to see how astrology works in trading.

What this book does, in my opinion, is give you a glimpse into what makes some of these markets go up and down on a regular basis. The results will surprise you. Shane use rigid scientific methodology to set up the studies in a way that could be evaluated for effectiveness. The results speak for themselves. You will find yourself referring back to this book constantly as you learn to astro trade and realize the important connection between these heavenly orbs in our human activities in trading.

*From: A Traders Guide To Financial Astrology- Forecasting Market Cycles Using Planetary And Lunar Movements

Brief Historical Background

Theory of Financial Astrology: Planets, Zodiac Signs, Determining the Meaning of Signs, Precession, Discovery of New Constellations

Planetary Position Coordinate System

Transiting Aspects, Grouping Planetary Energies

Key Aspect Angles, Key Sun-Moon Aspects

Putting It All Together: How Astrology Works

Visual Representation of Transits: Visual Representations of Planetary Aspects and Alignments, Orb of Influence, Conjunction, Visual Strength of Aspect versus Peak Event, Overlapping Asymmetrical Aspects Flare Up, Retrograde Motion of Planets Making a Transit

Introduction to Cycles and Transits for Forecasting: Defining a Cycle, Advantages and Disadvantages of Cycles, Use of Transits to Forecast Markets.

Testing the Effect of the New Moon on the Market, Case Study: The Sun and the Moon, How an Efficiency Test Works, Efficiency Test: Dow Jones Behavior around the New Moon from 1885 to 2013, Walk Forward Analysis

Verification of Planetary Meanings and Transits. Verification of Planetary Meanings Using Cycles. Verification of Transits in Financial Markets. Past Issues with Accuracy and Financial Markets.

Financial Forecasting Using Solar Cycles. Types of Cycles.

Financial Forecasting Using Lunar Cycles. Moon versus Sun Cycle (Angle) for Dow Jones since 1885. Moon versus Sun Cycle (Angle) Matched to Angle Key Turning Points. Moon versus Sun Cycle (Angle) for Dow Jones since 2009 with Quantitative Easing. Moon versus Sign Cycle for S&P 500 since 1950. Moon versus Sign Cycle for S&P 500 since 2009.

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