Phái Sinh Cryptos Currency

 Delta Exchange là Sàn Giao Dịch Phái Sinh Cryptocurrency

Futures Trading: Giao dịch Bitcoin và hơn 50 Altcoin với tỉ lệ đòn bẩy tuỳ chọn từ 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 25x, 50x, 100x.
Options Trading: Giao dịch Vanilla Options với các chiến thuật đầu cơ và phòng ngừa rủi ro. Giao dịch Option BTC và ETH có các kỳ hạn dài, riêng các Altcoin XRP, LTC, ETH, BNB, LINK and BCH giao dịch trong ngày.
Move Options: Các hợp đồng Options tăng giảm theo độ biến động của Cryptos, Cryptos biến động nhiều thì giá Move Options tăng và ngược lại.
Calendar Spread: Kiếm lợi nhuận từ chênh lệch giá bằng cách Long/Short đồng thời một Cryptos giữa kỳ hạn ngắn và kỳ hạn dài.
Interest Rate Swaps: Giao dịch hoán đổi lãi xuất giữa hai Cryptos khác nhau để hưởng chênh lệch lãi xuất
Robot Trading: Subscribe các AI Robot với các chiến thuật và tỉ lệ Lợi Nhuận/ Rủi Ro khác nhau và để Crytocurrency tự sinh lợi nhuận.
Spot: Giao dịch USDT và DETO Token, đây là Token của sàn giao dịch Delta Exchange.

Ưu điểm của CryptoCurrency Options là nhà đầu tư thu được lợi nhuận không giới hạn khi dự đoán đúng xu hướng, và khi dự đoán sai, rũi ro lớn nhất chỉ là khoản đầu tư ban đầu. Khi giao dịch Future CryptoCurrency, dù dự đoán đúng xu hướng nhưng nếu giá biến động mạnh thì có khả năng bị đóng trạng thái ngoài ý muốn.

DETO là Token của Delta Exchange, nhà đầu tư có thể tham gia vào sự phát triển của Delta Exchange bằng cách mua Token. Để mua được token DETO cần phải thực hiện mở tài khoản và xác nhận KYC theo link bên dưới.

Tham Khảo Delta Exchange White Paper


About Delta Exchange

Delta Exchange is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange. We have been operational since August 2018. Our investors include AAVE ventures, Kyber Network,CoinFund, QCP Setoria, Spartan Group, Sino Global, Gumi CC, BR Capital, Tomo Chain, LuneX Ventures, g1 Capital etc.

Current status

~$100 million in daily trading volume and 28K registered users

Product portfolio

  • perpetual swaps on bitcoin and 60+ altcoins 

  • vanilla options on bitcoin and top 5 altcoins 

  • exotic options products: MOVE and Turbo options 

  • interest rate swaps and calendar spread contracts

Listed on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko and Nomics


ERC-20 utility & rewards token

  • Utility: pay trading fees, use as collateral, stake in insurance fund & earn yield
  • Rewards: participate in the Delta Exchange ecosystem as a trader or contributor and earn DETO
    • Trade mining: earn DETO when you trade on Delta Exchange
    • Liquidity mining: earn DETO by deploying capital in robo trading strategies
    • Staking: stake DETO and earn a handsome yield
    • Referral mining: earn DETO when those you refer trade on Delta Exchange

DETO buyback program: 25% of the trading fee revenues of Delta Exchange will be used to buy back DETO

DETO Tokenomics

  • Token supply: 500mn | Hard cap: 750mn
  • Circulating supply at Token Generation Event (TGE): 21.25mn; all of it will be with the company treasury
  • Distribution: 30% of the tokens earmarked for the rewards pool

About the Exchange

  • Delta Exchange is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange that offers trading in a wide variety of derivative contracts. We list perpetual swaps on over 60 cryptocurrencies/ crypto-assets and options on BTC and top altcoins such as ETH, LTC, BCH, BNB and LINK. Additionally, we offer a variety of innovative products that are unique to us. These include Turbo options (knock-out options), MOVE (straddles), calendar spreads and interest rate swaps.
  • Our vision is to build the world’s most liquid, advanced and recognized cryptocurrency derivatives exchange for retail and institutional market participants. Most existing crypto exchanges are lacking in some or all of the four key dimensions: liquidity, reliability, fairness, and transparency. We strive  to achieve excellence across all these dimensions.
  • Our success is inextricably tied with the success of our customers. Thus, providing a fair and trustworthy trading venue is not only the right thing to do, but is also a savvy business strategy. Even though we are self-regulated, we are committed to providing democratized access to a multitude of cryptocurrency derivative products to traders globally.

Salient Features

  • Proven track record: We have been operational since August 2018. Despite being a capital-constrained startup with a small but highly motivated team, we have been able to build a world-class exchange that is at par or ahead of the competition. In the 2+ years that we have been operating, we have traversed a steep learning curve and earned insights into customer behaviour, market dynamics and the key challenges in running an exchange.
  • The A-team of crypto: We understand derivatives, have the know-how of creating new financial products and have the experience of building products that scale to millions of users. Two of the three founders of Delta Exchange come from blue-chip Wall Street firms (Citi, UBS, GIC). The third founder is a serial entrepreneur with significant experience in building scalable systems. While we come from different backgrounds, we are united in our passion for crypto.
  • Battle-tested trading systems: We have already written our trading systems from scratch twice. They have performed well under demanding conditions during heightened volatility. Keeping scalability in mind, we have chosen Elixir (a variant of Erlang) for our stack. Our matching engine can handle 1mn transactions per second and our API gateway is currently handling 200K requests per min and is scalable to 5mn requests per min. The matching engine and other systems are implemented with sharding across contracts to provide great horizontal scalability.
  • Demonstrated ability to innovate: We have consistently launched new features and unique derivative products, displaying our ability for original thinking. We were the first exchange to offer stablecoin settled futures. Likewise, we pioneered altcoin futures. Interest rate swaps, Calendar spreads and Turbo Options are one-of-a-kind products with which we have pushed the envelope for crypto derivatives.

What will Help us Win

Crypto derivatives are rapidly growing and a hotly contested space. Although for us, meaningful competition comes from a handful of firms only, some of our competitors are much bigger and much better capitalised than us. We believe that we are capable of stealing a march on competition and becoming the go-to crypto derivatives exchange.

Pioneer crypto options
Crypto options trading is on the cusp of explosive growth. Currently, Deribit is the dominant player in crypto options. However, 80% of their options trading volume is institutional. If you look at equity markets, options trading tends to have large retail participation. There is no reason for crypto options to be any different. Retail and professional traders will likely drive the next leg of growth in crypto options trading. We believe our options offerings resonate with retail investors because:
  1. our contracts are vanilla and not inverse
  2. we have smaller contract size that are suitable for retail traders,
  3. our UI is intuitive and easy to use
  4. all our options contracts are margined and settled in USDT. This is different from other exchange where the margining and the underlying currency are the same, for e.g., BTC options are margined in BTC and ETH options are margined in ETH.
  5. we are the only exchange to have options on top altcoins such as BNB, LINK, BCH, LTC and XRP.
We are well positioned to attract retail traders and steal a march on competition in the options market.
Launch innovative products to acquire customers

Innovative products help us acquire new customers. Customers who sign up for new and unique products, end up trading standard products such as bitcoin perpetuals as well. In our 2+ years of operations, we have launched several innovative products such as interest rate swaps and Turbo options. These products help us differentiate from competitors and grow by expanding the market. Innovation will remain a key aspect of our growth strategy.

Focus on customers, not competition
We are laser focused on giving our customers the best possible trading experience. While deep liquidity, high availability and safety of crypto in custody are key, there are other aspects of trading business that seem peripheral but are important to customers. These include support and ancillary tools (e.g., tax calculator and portfolio analytics). We continue to focus on these areas. We aspire to emulate Amazon and be the most customer-centric company in the cryptocurrency domain.

Delta Exchange Token (DETO)

What is DETO

DETO is an ERC-20 utility and rewards token that will become an integral part of Delta Exchange. Through DETO, we plan to create incentives for active traders and liquidity providers to participate in and contribute to the Delta Exchange ecosystem. And, the tokenomics of DETO are such that its value is directly linked to the growth of the exchange. These dynamics will result in a virtuous growth loop. The DETO driven incentives will lead to greater liquidity and trading volumes at the exchange. This in turn will increase the value of DETO based rewards, creating an even stronger pull to participate in the Delta Exchange ecosystem.

DETO Utility

The functionalities that DETO will have on Delta Exchange are listed below. These have been carefully designed to increase the demand of DETO and reduce its circulating supply and thus, will give a boost to the value of DETO.

Trading fee payment method

Customers will have an option to pay 25% of their trading fees in DETO. Delta Exchange will accept this DETO at a price which is higher of: market price of DETO at that time and the Minimum Support Price (MSP). MSP has been set at $0.10 initially.

MSP should serve as a floor on the market price of DETO. Market prices going below the MSP will create arbitrage-like opportunities for traders on Delta Exchange. They will be able to buy DETO below MSP and immediately realise a higher price (MSP) by using the DETO to pay trading fees.


DETO will be allowed to be used as margin for trading on Delta Exchange. This feature will be enabled once we launch multi-asset collateral. Thus traders will be able to margin positions in DETO, even though the settlement will happen in BTC or USDT.

There are several advantages to using DETO to collateralise open positions: (a) demand for DETO will increase as trading activity and open interest on the exchange grows, and (b) margined DETO will be effectively locked up, thus reducing the circulating supply.

DETO margined & settled financial products

We plan to launch structured products (e.g., exotic options, income-generating products) that will be margined and settled exclusively in DETO. In traditional finance, such products enjoy significant popularity, and we believe that the same success can be achieved in crypto.

DETO denominated insurance fund

Delta Exchange currently has an insurance fund composed of BTC and USDT denominated pools. We plan to launch a DETO denominated pool to supplement that existing insurance funds. DETO holders will be able to stake DETO into the pool and earn yield.

In the rare situations when the system ends up closing some positions with negative equity, the DETO in the pool may be drawn down to ensure full payout to the winning traders. We will aim to maintain the staking yield at a level where the returns (from staking & potential DETO price appreciation) should more than offset the risks of drawdown from the pool.

We believe that this innovative staking program will kill two birds with one stone: 

(a) reduce the circulating supply of DETO and 

(b) help us create a large insurance fund, which in turn should help us attract large trading firms and funds to trade on Delta Exchange.